Permanent Makeup

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin that resemble makeup. Permanent Makeup is used for a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner or full lip color. Other permanent cosmetic procedures include scar camouflage, areola restoration and more.

What Permanent Makeup treatments are offered?

Eyeliner (Top and/or Bottom of eyelid) Eyebrows – Soft Fill (solid coloring) or Microblading (hairstroke/feathered method) Lip Liner, Blended Lip Liner or Full Lip Colour, Beauty Marks

How safe is Permanent Makeup?

SofTap pigments have had an excellent reputation for safety and beauty for over 20 years. All pigments are hypoallergenic, MRI safe and have been safely used on even the most sensitive of clients with no allergic reactions ever documented. The safety and comfort of our clients are of the utmost concern. We strictly adhere to all health and safety regulations and universal precautions are applied. Sterile, single use, disposable, individually wrapped tools are used for each procedure.

Is it painful & what is the healing process?

With the use of topical anesthetics specifically formulated for the application of permanent makeup, the discomfort is greatly reduced. Most describe it as slightly irritating. There may be some swelling and redness in the skin, which subsides quickly. If aftercare instructions are followed properly most clients experience no side effects and return to their regular schedules immediately.

How long does a procedure take?

The consultation and initial procedure are done in the same session and will take approximately 1.5 hours. This includes a discussion on color selection based on your individual skin and desired outcome of the procedure regardless of your ethnicity or age. A second session is booked a minimum of two weeks later. Finishing touches and adjusting colour depth will take place, if needed at this time. Occasionally a third session may be required. All sessions are included in the initial price.

How long will it last?

Permanent Makeup will never wash away; however, some fading or muting of color will occur over time. Some find this to be most flattering. Sunscreen is always recommended to ensure the life of your permanent makeup. With proper care your procedure can last five to seven years, although color boosts or touchups are recommended every year or two.

Permanent Makeup cost?

Fayez Spa’s permanent makeup specialist will advise the cost of each procedure during the consultation, as costs vary. The $50 consultation fee is waived if treatment is provided the same day. Treatment prices are available by contacting our spa concierge at 519-652-2780.

Brows Before & After

Lips Before & After

  • Permanent Makeup Lips Before and After 1

When can appointments be booked?

Contact our spa concierge at 519-652-2780 or visit our News & Events page for the next available Permanent Makeup event date scheduled.


Pennylane is Fayez Spa’s permanent make-up artist and micro-blading specialist. She has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years with continuing education throughout. Pennylane has received her training in the United States including medical tattooing. She works with surgeons and medical professionals across Southern Ontario, to aid in reconstruction after mastectomy. Fayez is pleased to announce that our artist Pennylane is one of only three people in Canada who are PhiBrow certified. PhiBrow is the most sought after method of microblading a method of realistic eyebrows at any age. For more information on the services she provides, please contact one of our concierge, they’re happy to assist you.

Pennylane Make Up Artist

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