Vascular Skin Treatments

Fayez Spa has invested heavily in training, certification, and high-tech Vasculyse equipment especially to treat a variety of unsightly and embarrassing skin conditions.

How does Vasculyse work?

A certified aesthetician uses a mild electro-current stylus to induce blood vessels to solidify (or coagulate) on surface skin. This procedure redirects the blood to deeper non-visible blood vessels which the body absorbs and eliminates. These non-invasive procedures are especially effective on areas of the skin which are very thin such as the face, neck, and chest; however, treatments can be performed on almost any part of the body.

Is it safe?

Safe, effective, and non-invasive treatments are provided by specially certified aestheticians who perform relatively painless procedures that are usually described as slightly tingling. The stylus used is discarded after each client to ensure that sanitation protocols are strictly adhered to.

How long do treatments take?

The problem condition being treated determines the amount of time required – usually ranging from 5-15 minutes; however, some conditions may require more than one treatment.

How long does Vasculyse last?

The treated area is permanently free of the skin condition for which it is treated.

Before and After Vasculyse

  • Before & After Vasculyse 1

Is recovery time required?

The recovery from Vasculyse non-invasive treatments vary. Some clients report instant results from one treatment with very little redness that soon disappears. Final results range from 3-21 days depending on the treatment provided.

Can anyone take Vasculyse treatments?

Almost anyone can benefit from this new generation of technology and performance; however, a few pre-existing health conditions may preclude certain people from taking advantage of it. It’s important that you share your medical information with Fayez Spa personnel when discussing problem skin conditions and prior to treatment starting.

Vasculyse Treatment – 15 min


Vasculyse Treatment – 30 min


CryoProbe – Liquid Freezing Treatment

Treat unwanted skin blemishes in seconds with the CryoProbe treatment. A unique pen-like instrument delivers a fine spray of pressurized liquid nitrous oxide to precisely freeze and eliminate skin irregularities such as age spots, warts, sun spots, skin tags and more. A complimentary consultation is required prior to any treatment being undertaken, in which final pricing will be determined based on size of treatment spot.

Starting at $53.10

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